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At the Neck and Back Pain Relief Center, LLC, the ultimate goal is to provide each patient with the one on one care they need to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Every staff member is committed to providing the highest level of care, restoring your ability to live life to the fullest. The latest technological advancements are available and can be used to their fullest advantage by highly skilled healthcare technicians who will always have the patients’ best interest at heart.

Services Offered

The Neck and Back Pain Relief Center offers a full menu of services that can be used one at a time or by using several to create a well-rounded treatment plan that offers healing on both physical and mental levels. Services include:

  • Chiropractic/spinal adjustments
  • Spinal decompression
  • Heat therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electro-stem therapy

Whether used singly or together with other therapies, each one offers distinct benefits that can reduce inflammation and minimize your pain and discomfort. After your initial intake, Dr. Daniel Ragozzine will create a treatment plan that is just for you and your individual needs.

Insurance Accepted

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Signa
  • Medicare



This Chiropractor is very concerned, and has your best interest at hand. I feel very good after I get my treatments, been going ever since I was little. The process of going to a Chiropractor is to keep your joints mobil, and flexible, so as you get older your joints don,’t tighten up. Also your muscles stay flexible too.
Very happy customer

Carol V.

This place is great! I’ve been to 2 other places and not so happy with them. Even though I’m a new patient of Dr. Grant, I have found relief. They offer back adjustments & massages among many other services. I can walk in there sore or in pain…and walk out feeling great! Other staff are great as well! Everyone is polite, pleasant, friendly and informative! Great experience!

A D.

Going to Grant chiropractic was a great choice. She is wonderful with her patients. She has helped me to a road of recovery. And I can thank her enough. Her workers are great they all greet you with a smile and kind words. Couldn’t have gone to a better chiropractic.she understands you and what your going through and does a awesome job to get you feeling better. I would recommend anyone to her. She’s the best

Priscilla V.

We Welcome

New Patients

Dr. Daniel Ragozzine treats a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, as well as many different types of injuries. Car accidents and Workers’ Compensation accidents commonly result in some degree of trauma to the back and neck. Slip and fall injuries are another common cause. When it comes to illness and disease, conditions like arthritis (all forms), tendonitis, and stress-related abnormalities can also be the cause of both back and neck pain.

Our Services

Chiropractic care has been found to be effective in the treatment of most types of neck and back pain. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments and many of the other treatment options that are available, you can get back on the road to healing and start to live your best life. The benefits of chiropractic care are extensive and long-lasting when you follow the doctor’s care plan.

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